I spend a great deal of time with clients helping them get out of, or come down from a state of overwhelm. BUT this past weekend, guess where I found myself? Completely overwhelmed! Funny, last week was amazing … in fact I had so many good things happening that I had started planning for a productive week with ideas flowing in like crazy! I wasn’t even sleeping ‘cause I was so darn excited!’

We all get into that state for a variety of reasons, one of which is trying to take on or do more than we actually have time to do well, or even have the energy to keep up with. Friday night, I started reorganizing my office. By 10pm, I began chucking stuff out, streamlining the key areas that I wanted to focus on – so that I did not lose track of anything and in the process, I realized that I had way too many plates spinning and something was going to break. I was trying to create space for all of the new ideas I had, but then I started to panic about how to get it all done. Add to that I “should” have been getting food ready for a baby shower the next day. Now, I had already cancelled a Saturday morning event to allow the time to prepare for the shower, so I kept going in my office. It was LONG after midnight when I finally went to bed, head still buzzing.

Being ‘overwhelmed’ may look and feel different for you than it does for me. I wish that I  noticed “in the moment” that when I start pushing like a maniac, trying to get a zillion things done or in place, I am well along on my own slippery slope. I am not really focused but continually “context switching” -shifting from one task to the other, creating unrealistic deadlines. I sometimes switch from ‘excited’ to ‘freaked out’ about all that is ahead of me. However, my body will always speak up … in the form of a headache (for days) that I try to work through (aka ignore), and then sudden fatigue and (this time) in the form of nausea. Saturday morning, as I was worried about getting sh*t done, I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t move. I was in fact sick to my stomach – twice. My headache would not go away. I was moving in slow motion. I of course pushed through and enjoyed a beautiful shower in honour of my son and his wife, who will soon be first time parents. It’s soooooo exciting!!. In fact, once I got there and had time to settle down, take in the fresh air and great company and NOT think about anything else, I actually started to feel better. My energy was low, but I was breathing again.


The method I teach my clients (and that I utilized this weekend) can be used over and over again to help reframe, rewrite and re-veit-alize our own story! It starts when we want to get out of the feelings associated with being overwhelmed, or overcome with fear that always seems to stop us in our tracks. It is my pleasure to share with you Th5 Steps” that I use as well as provide a FREE audio.



I bend so I don’t break! #GiveYourselfABreak



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5 Steps to help you when you feel overwhelmed, and get BACK into action!

STOP and take a few deep breaths … allow your body to begin to relax. The baby shower forced me to do this on Saturday afternoon, and I intentionally did this on Sunday.
Write down, or talk to someone about what you have on your plate and what you’re worried about – The Key is getting it out of your head and placed somewhere where you can work through it.

On Sunday, I was still feeling sluggish and took the time to talk through it all with my beloved partner. He actually notices when I start spiralling, so when I said I didn’t know what was going on, he did. That triggered me to talk about what I’ve been working on and worried about, and why I was feeling anxious. This is where our fears bubble up! Even when we work on pushing through them, they find their way in every now and again! It keeps us real!

Remind yourself of all you have accomplished so far. If you are with a friend, or your partner ask for help! Stuart was a huge support, reminding me of everything I am and have already accomplished. He asked me questions that made me actually admit all I had accomplished. That is something, by the way, I do all the time with my clients. It is a great time to be grateful for all you have and all you’ve done.

Coaches Need Coaches Too …

Challenge those things that you are worried or afraid of- are they really true? NO. Most often they are not true. Knowing that you are capable of accomplishing so much, reframe your worry-filled thoughts into positive statements. For example, “I can accomplish everything I want to by focusing on the most important step now.” SO: take action! Calm down and shift your perspective, determine what your next best step is and take action! Remember to take action on one thing at a time! Focus on what you need to, block out the rest and just start moving!

It is never too late to Refocus, Reframe and Re-veit-alize Your story


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