Reclaim your voice. 

🌼  Your opinion matters.

🌼  Your voice deserves to be heard.

🌼  Your dreams are worthy of being realized (& you’re worthy of having them come true).

I know you’re courageous enough to share your stories (in a safe place), create new patterns and release wounded beliefs.  You’ve already proven you can do hard things. But you don’t have to do it alone.

I know you’re overflowing with talents, gifts, and desires that are uniquely yours (I’ll help you see what’s already there).

I know you’re craving freedom, fulfillment, and fun – and you deserve it all.

That restlessness you feel, the emptiness, the “something more” you can’t quite put your finger on – it’s a clue.    An invitation.   To re-examine what holds meaning and joy for you right now.   A nudge to do MORE of that.



I know that right now there are things holding you back from living the life you crave ~hint: it isn’t what you think ~


It’s not a lack of time (despite your hectic schedule). 

It’s not a lack of money.

It’s not your family.  Or your career.

It’s the story you’re telling yourself about all of those things.

It’s the stories about who you are and how the world works that are keeping you from reaching your goals.

It’s the old traumas that never really healed and have seeped into your current beliefs and choices.


Embrace your story

You’ve survived all life has thrown at you so far

You carved out a successful career.

You created a family and raised independent, caring human beings.

And even though there were days that brought you to your knees and took everything you had – you got through it.

Your survival rate is 100%.  



But survival isn’t enough…

Satisfying all the milestones society said you should – isn’t actually all that satisfying now that you’ve achieved it.  If only they knew the doubts, worries and fears that lie beneath the appearance of “having it all together”.

You’ve been in overdrive juggling family, career, and relationships and now that you’ve caught your breath and raised your head – you’re feeling a little lost.

It’s okay to crave change (and at the same time be terrified of what change might mean).


It’s OK to want more…

More peace.

Not just stolen moments when you’re alone in nature or sipping tea in sweet silence.  After all, self-care is more than bubble baths and facials

More joy.

All emotions are welcome.  Let’s be honest though, it would be really nice to experience less stress.  Less worry. More belly laughs. More tears of gratitude and joy. More focus on the good.

More fulfillment.

When the most fulfilling part of your day is the number of items crossed off your to-do list – it’s time to re-examine what holds value.  To discover new paths to fulfillment.

Hi, I’m Tracy.

I created Life, Lavender & Bees as a safe, judgement-free space where you can can be heard and believed, without judgement. I believe you only get one glorious life to live and it’s never too late to reconnect, recreate and recenter yourself.  I’d love to help you do that.

I’ve been the busy Mom who climbed the corporate ladder at a Fortune 500 company, balancing the demands of family + work.

I’ve survived sexual assault.

I’ve raised 2 incredible humans (proudest achievement).

I’ve been married, divorced and learned to love again.

I built a successful career that ended in burnout, prior to being packaged off during corporate restructuring.

I lost my voice and gave up my power long ago…  And now I’ve reclaimed it.

I spent years holding on to the stories and secrets that shaped the way I saw myself and the world.  I was stuck in cycles of shame, guilt and not enough-ness. And I found ways to heal myself, to share my truth and to reframe the stories that were keeping me stuck. Am I all the way there?  Not a chance. But I now have strategies that help me every day, and they can help you too.

I bring my coaching skills, life experience and all the tools I’ve learned along the way to help you explore your untold stories and begin to believe in, trust and find grace for yourself and your journey.


When you’re ready, I’m ready… to be your compassionate guide on the path back to reconnecting with yourself, your dreams, your desires, your voice.

 There are two ways we can work together ~ one is short with intense focus on setting direction, the other is an investment in time for long lasting change.

Choose your path forward.

Clarity & Direction


If you’re craving clarity in a specific area of your life – this is for you.  In 3 hours, we’ll identify what you want to achieve and what’s getting in the way. 

We’ll select a few strategies you can use to overcome obstacles.

Because when you create room to breathe you can see what’s possible.

And it becomes so much easier to choose your next steps.

Compassion & Commitment 


Transformation is not a singular event.  Nor is it a destination at which you arrive and declare “I’m done!”.  It’s a journey, often winding, through the layers of who you are. It requires compassion and commitment. 

You’ll receive 1 on 1 guidance tailored to your individual needs over a 3 – 9 month period.

I’ll support you as you transform your life into the beautiful, joy-filled version you’ve been imagining.

I’ll share tools to navigate the inevitable bumps AND a safe space to explore your desires and goals.

4 calls/month will ensure you have on-going guidance & encouragement as you begin to move forward and make changes.

You are in the right place if …

You’re tired of going through the motions

Your life lacks focus, purpose or fulfillment

You want to stop feeling like a martyr to everyone else’s needs and finally acknowledge your own

You’re ready to explore what you truly want in life

You’re ready to stop living by someone else’s rules and create your own

You’re ready to make yourself a priority without feeling guilty or selfish


It’s never too late… 

to choose a new direction, to share your story, to make yourself a priority.

Let’s have coffee (virtually of course) to see if I can be of service to you.