Spring is here!! This winter I have really taken on the role of hibernating quite seriously…Ha!  I’ve been reading, learning, taking online courses, supporting clients, spending precious time with my husband and my gorgeous grandson and basically doing whatever I feel like.  I’ve been expanding in body (LOL) and mind! The joys of being your own boss.

I’m reminded often of how very thankful I am to be far away from the busyness of the corporate world and living life as a retiree and an entrepreneur.  Being in the driver’s seat, having the time to reflect on what life has delivered so far, and being excited about what could be around the corner on any given day, really is a great place to be.

Over the last 58 years (yikes!) I have come to genuinely appreciate the privileges I have and have enjoyed as a result of who I am, where I live, the family I was born into and the opportunities that were/are out there for me.  I do my best to never take that privilege for granted and I do recognize that not everyone has experienced a similar path. I am grateful. This is something I am digging much deeper into, and that will be for another post.

Our best teacher is this bumpy road called real life …

better than any academic education could ever provide us.

Many things start becoming clear when you allow yourself time to step away from the hustle and bustle and contemplate your life’s journey so far.   As you allow yourself to reflect on your past (vs avoiding it), dig into your greatest fears and deepest desires, taking time to consider what “you” want in life, you can uncover so many treasures… new ones and some that just need a little dusting off.  

This is where Life, Lavender, and Bees come in … it has become the way I look at and live my life now and I look forward to sharing some of the lessons learned and dreams I have in this context.   For now, I’ll simply break down what it means for me.

Life is about the good, the bad and the ugly. It the real stuff, not just the highlights we share on social media.  At this stage of life for me (kids are grown and launched) it’s about learning about and exploring myself and the world around me in new and interesting ways. It’s about making a difference for myself, for others and the planet.  It’s about exciting energy, quiet contemplation and everything in between. It’s about noticing what I am experiencing at the moment vs droning along in auto-pilot (been there, done that for way too many years!) Being vulnerable is so freeing, and still a work in progress for me.  

Life is also about purpose.  Going through the motions every day can be mind-numbingly dull and uninspiring, and non-stop pedal-to-the-metal is just not necessary to be considered “successful”.  My private coaching practice is deliberately designed to support a limited number of clients at a time so that I can effectively hold space for each one without experiencing overwhelm and burnout myself. I want to be able to give my all and model what I help others to do in terms of creating a sense of purpose, order, ease, and flow in life.  That will look different for me and for you which is what makes it all so fascinating.

What does life look and feel like for you right now?  Smooth sailing? Caught up in chaos? Always on auto-pilot? How can you take control and be sure your are consciously choosing the path you want to take?

Lavender  is my reminder to stay grounded. A beautiful flower, with a lovely fragrance and colour that I find particularly soothing, lavender helps me create moments of calm in my day, and focus on the importance of self-care (avoiding that burnout I mentioned above).  After years of being “on” and pulled in directions based on everyone else’s needs or agenda, I now create and treasure moments for myself where I can be alone with my thoughts, a book, a good cup of coffee or whatever it is that allows me to be still.  I’m drawn to the warmth of the sun too … sitting in a sunny window during the winter, or getting my natural vitamin D on the deck by the pool.  Both help me slow down and tune in to what I’m thinking, feeling and experiencing all around me. I continue to work on slowing the chatter down in my head, but that’s what binaural beats or guided meditations are for, right?

What do you enjoy that offers you moments of peace and calm, ease and flow? Bare feet in the grass or sand? A scented candle or oils?  A good book?  A chat with your best friend? Self-care doesn’t always mean a spa day … it’s about doing something nice just for you.  How can build more of these moments in to your day?

Bees … Self-care also includes things that are joyful and exciting. Fun and fascinating! Something you can get completely lost in for a while.  My newest found passion comes from living in a rural area where my love and I have become beekeepers. Bees are amazing creatures, full of life lessons around resilience and working together, and they create the most beautiful, sweet nectar of the gods …honey! I can’t believe how much I enjoy learning about them, watching them and listening to them (it’s actually quite soothing most of the time).  Caring for them is a labour of love, yes even when we get the odd sting.  Spring is actually thinking of springing soon here and I’m itching to get to know the ladies of 2019 and start working with them! Who knew that when my husband suggested beekeeping I would become so passionate about them?   

In her book Take Control of Your Life, Mel Robbins reminds us that most people think of chasing our passions or our dreams as if they are a “thing” to be acquired.  In reality, passion is an emotion and the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines passion as a strong liking, desire for or devotion to some activity, object, or concept feeling.  If you don’t know what your passion is, don’t worry!  Find ways to do things that you love to do – that bring you joy, excitement, and good energy – and do them frequently.  This is a great way to keep your stress hormones at bay by the way! Maybe you’re ready to try something completely new and be open to being surprised with a new passion!

What sorts of things are you passionate about?  Are you making time to do those things?  If you notice you have little time for “fun”,  jot down a list of activities you like to do (that you could get lost in) and keep it handy.  Commit to doing more of something from that list every day?  Tip: Put it in your calendar so you’re more likely to do it.  When will you start building more passion in to your life?

So that’s it from me for Life, Lavender, and Bees today.  Thank you for letting me share my lens on life with you … it’s about navigating and creating life, staying grounded and doing things that bring you joy and passion.  

Have a beautiful day!

Tracy x

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