Life, Lavender and Bees is a supportive space where you can explore your unspoken stories, dive into the questions you haven’t dared to ask aloud and reopen the dreams you packed away for “someday”. 

Welcome   I’m Tracy, your Confidence Coach and Compassionate Guide on the path back to yourself and what matters most to YOU.  

I believe you have the power to make changes which allow you to live a life that inspires you  ~  I believe it’s never too late to stop living your life according to the demands and desires of others  ~  I believe you CAN carve out time for yourself, find space to share your voice and room to cultivate your personal sovereignty – guilt-free.

Because the freedom, fulfilment and fun you’re craving appear, when you reconnect with yourself.

When you acknowledge your own dreams, desires and needs and choose the meaningful over the mundane.

There are no quick fixes here and “powering through” never healed anyone…it’s the courage to look within and meet whatever arises with grace and empathy that will give you the clarity, the deep peace, and the unrestrained joy you’ve been looking for.