[fusion_text]Ever feel like you are on the “treadmill” of life some days, doing the same things over and over?  Find yourself wishing there was even an extra HOUR in the day to relax / get stuff done / read etc??  If that’s you, I encourage you to look at the things you do, day in and day out, and find ONE THING you can either STOP doing or DELEGATE to someone else.

Around your home, it might be tidying up, doing dishes, cutting the grass, grocery shopping, cleaning the pool, meal prep … at work it might be putting finishing touches on your presentation, chasing employees / colleagues for items you are waiting on, planning an event or a meeting, sorting bills for your expense report.

If you weren’t tied up doing these things, what might you be doing?  Writing or reading an article on something you are passionate about? Creating new relationships? Connecting with your clients? Focusing on the “content” of your presentation? Establishing a better rapport with your employees?

Whatever it is, even if you enjoy doing something, ask yourself the following:  “Is doing this myself the best use of my time or?  Could someone else “learn” by doing this work?  Could someone else “earn” by doing this work? Am I doing this because nobody else can seem to get it just right?” (… just a shout out to all the perfectionists out there!)

For example … I tend to be a bit of a nerd and love all the “tech-y” gadget and computer stuff.  I would love to learn how to do all my own social media marketing – behind the scenes web-stuff, links to cool opt-ins and bonuses … – and yet that is not the kind of work that is going to help me build my coaching business.  The outcome is for sure, but my work is all about being available to be with and support my clients – helping others work through their challenges and fears, empowering them to create the path to achieving their goals, dreams and desires.

Sometimes we fall in to the trap of tackling all the little “easy to do” things

It allows us to check a few items off our To-Do list, but doesn’t really move us closer to accomplishing our bigger goals or meeting our deadlines.  It can, in fact be one of many stalling tactics.

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Know what your time is worth …

Would you pay someone else the same to do these things?

Could you provide someone else the opportunity to earn and learn?

Could you break the habit and stop doing it all together?

Your response to these questions might just empower you to to free up very valuable time for the things that truly require YOUR attention.

What can you give up today? I’d love to hear some of your ideas!


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