I have been thinking a lot lately about a dream I’ve had for a while now … a desire to create a safe and nourishing sanctuary for women.  I have shared this ‘idea‘  in a FB group some time ago, and have only talked about it in detail with a few very close friends.  Since it has been on my mind, I have been thinking that it is time to share my dream on a broader scale!

I envision a century home that has rooms renovated for specific purposes. All of which support the health and well being of women … in body, mind and spirit. Let’s take a walk through my vision …

I see a library filled with books that nourish your soul and help you through all the struggles you face. Books to make you laugh out loud or spark a conversation with a friend, or another guest. Books that make you think about all of the possibilities you possess. Endless material that helps you to challenge your status quo, that will be made available for whenever you would need it.

There would also be a room for quiet community; where you will meet with other women looking for moments of peace … away from the hustle and the demands in their life. It is here where you will be granted connection with someone who shares similar experiences and desires and give you connection with women who will inspire you to be your best self — simply by looking after yourself.  

Down the hall, there is a silent room. You can go to be still with your thoughts or to practice meditation. Trying to meditate can be a challenge in ones own home, especially if you are trying to keep up with a busy household and never seem to find that quiet space your meditation requires.  I see this meditation room decorated in dark, warm colours with candles to create dim lighting conducive to your stillness.  If you want to stretch it out, there will be a yoga room where you can also share a class with others who are seeking the same solace and support.

Massage Therapy is also something that I have come to appreciate and know that my body and emotional spirit loves this attention and release. There will be a room dedicated to this and other holistic practitioner services as well. Think Reiki, Reflexology, EFT etc. 

I will have a client room where I can host client calls or intensives and remain focused.  This space will be used to host retreats and workshops focused on what our guests are seeking to support their journey of self discovery and personal growth. You see, this would be a must for my sanctuary.

The kitchen of course will be stocked with healthy and nourishing snacks, herbal teas and freshly roasted coffee to enjoy!  We will host nutritional seminars to support healthier choices in our every day lives.  Maybe even host a cooking class now and again!

Our property will have trees and gardens – filled with fresh herbs, and a feature with relaxing pond with running water… your conversations can take place any where you like and will always maintain an atmosphere of contentedness and peace.

My sanctuary will be available to all women, from all walks of life. For this dream to turn into a reality, it cannot be free, but it will allow you to learn how to free yourself from the “shackles” of life that are holding you back. I will welcome guests to pay what they can so that everyone can indeed experience the love, connection and support from myself and this community of likeminded women!

As a coach, I connect with many women dealing with issues in all aspects of their lives.  It doesn’t matter who you are, what kind of a job, or business that you have because at the core we are all human and all have the same needs.  We need to be heard, valued and  respected!  We need to be strong yet vulnerable, and always be supported.  We need to be healthy – emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially. We need to live, laugh and love!



Believe in YOUR Dreams! #DareToDreamBig


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When life gets hectic how do you find time for yourself to recharge?  How do ensure you are heard, supported and healthy?

Have you ever wished there was a place to go and connect to others who really understand what you are going through?

Do you have dreams that you have put on the back burner while you raise your family and NOW you want support to bring those dreams  back to life?

What are you doing today that is moving you closer to your dreams?


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