For the past few years I have read and heard about the benefits of journalling, and I admit this has been, and continues to be, a struggle for me.

As a teen I wrote in a diary and I know it helped me through some of my wild and uncertain years. Well, my wild and yours may be very different, however I am thinking my parents and brother would still use that word to describe me for that short and “wild”time in my life… I digress.

Personally, I have journalled in spurts and have experienced a number of benefits in small doses.  At the time, it feels good to write down my thoughts, and I find that once I write something down it’s either not as bad as I expected, or not as good … Funny how we can exaggerate things in our mind! While journalling has not yet become a habit, I am committed to changing that!

As a Coach, I suggest the power of journalling to my clients as a means of getting thoughts and ideas, that are troubling, out of their head and on to paper where they can view these from a different perspective … one without all the voices inside creaming up stories to inflate them… and then address each of them, one at a time, with curiosity and without judgement… 

~Byron Katie, a favourite mentor of mine!

Many well known Personal, Business and Success Coaches speak of the power of journalling as well.  Some of my faves include Darren Hardy, Todd Herman, Jack Canfield, Kate Northrup and Cheryl Richardson.

Here are just a few of the benefits that you can experience via journalling:


When you are focused on writing in your journal, you simply can’t be doing anything else! Be in that present moment. Once you finish your journal entry it can be startling to realize how long you were focused on your journal, and how much you were able to write! (Don’t fuss about things you can’t control in this moment)

Achieving Goals

Writing your goals down and reflecting on your progress DAILY greatly increases the probability you will achieve them! There are plenty of systems out there to help you do this, however a daily planner will do the trick just as well. Tracking performance, whether it is related to fitness, financial, business or personal goals, will always up your game.


Expressing your gratitude is one of the best ways to start journalling. Record every morning and evening with what you are grateful for and see what else flows from there. Starting a gratitude journal can be an easy way to start journalling in general, and help to instil, or strengthen a positive mindset along the way.

Self Confidence

Writing down your achievements allows your brain to “re-live” them, ultimately building your self-confidence. Ask yourself what your best achievements in life are! Start with a list of 10 minimum and I bet you won’t stop there.


In many ways, getting your thoughts out of your head and on to paper gives your imagination a “break” around what makes you anxious. When you put your rambling thoughts on paper and put it away for the night, you can actually expect to sleep a little better! You will see results.


On the flip side, once you start writing you may be surprised at what creative thoughts and ideas come to mind, especially when you focus on all the wonderful possibilities that your life holds for you. Want to become more creative? Pick up a deck of affirmation cards and choose one. As you read it, what comes up in your mind? Start writing and see where that takes you.


I would really like to “walk the talk” with respect to journalling, so here I am, making the commitment to journal every day.  I’m making that commitment to you and the Universe to hold me accountable.  I will journal about something every day and seek ways to keep it real, raw, fun and playful.



“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart,” ~ William Wordsworth    #DearDiary



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If so, what’s your favourite thing about journalling? Why do you keep going? I’d love to hear back from you.

If not, are YOU ready to give journalling a try? You can search online for many ways to get started. The Five Minute Journal is one I have used and recommended in the past. It can be found at your local book store. Let me know what else you find![/tagline_box]

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  1. Very educational and informative. Also, not as much filler content as in other Posts I have read about this topic so very nice to see that. Keep it up!

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