You’re not alone … We all do it

Have you ever found yourself procrastinating, spending time on useless little things to AVOID doing something you know you have to do?

I didn’t think I was so bad, however now that my time is no longer wall to wall meetings in the corporate life , I have become the master of “avoidance” and have to work hard at taking on those things that take me out of my comfort zone.  So I’m thinking  “I have all day” and therefore tons of time to get x, y, z done for sure!  Then, while I’m having my morning smoothie, I let the time bandits in  ….

Must quickly check FB … I have time for another coffee… these dishes will only take a moment while I wait for the coffee …ooh … I like that song (insert little dance time)…I hear my inbox chime – I’ll just take a quick look… eek! A bill reminder … let me see what else needs to be paid … What???? It’s 11am already?  I haven’t even showered yet!! (another delay tactic!!)

Any of this sound familiar?  We all have these days, and before we start “scheduling” ourselves to the hilt (a completely separate topic), I suggest that we “get real” with what’s really holding us back.

Why are you stalling?  What are you afraid of?  What are you avoiding?

Time for a deep breath …

                   Time to share my greatest challenge right now …

For me, it’s a fear of “putting myself out there” in print or on social media.  By that I mean being vulnerable to criticism, being found out  … what if I’m not perfect?  What if I offend someone? What if I post something and get “zero” responses?  What if nobody “likes” or “shares”? What if I look foolish or stupid? What if, what if, what if?

As my coach would say, “SO WHAT!”  What’s the worst that can happen?  Think you’re going to please everybody?? Not a chance!”  And you know what?  She’s right!  (One of the many reasons I love her!!)

I’m not perfect, I may (unintentionally) offend someone, I might not get any responses to my newsletters or posts, and I might look foolish. In fact, I expect and welcome that feedback!  I am A-ok with that because I will learn from it AND I might say just the right thing to that one person who needs to hear it most.  That is my goal, that is my dream … to be visible to and resonate with those who need me most.  I am available for those who are ready to create change in their life and want the connection and support I have to offer.

I am not perfect.  As a smart, loving, nurturing soul, I know at some point in my life …

  • I have cheated
  • I have lied (ask my Mom!!)
  • I have been critical of others
  • I have been a hypocrite
  • I have gossiped
  • I have yelled
  • I have been unhappy
  • I have not met commitments
  • … and the list continues

I have done these things to others … AND … I have done these things to myself.

Have you ever lied to yourself? Been unhappy with yourself? Been critical of yourself?

It’s called BEING HUMAN! And for some still unknown reason, I have avoided admitting all these things about myself to me, focusing only on the positive traits I believe I have “as if” I am perfect!!

There!  The news is out!  I am human and I have flaws.  Just – like – everybody – else!

And here’s what else I know.  As a personal coach, I am confident in my ability to help women learn to live life on their terms.  As woman with 54 years of life experience (the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful)  I am able to understand the challenges my clients have – some by my own experience and often through the eyes of others.

I know my clients…

  • Trust me
  • Feel safe, heard and understood
  • Allow me to hold them accountable for the changes and shifts they desire (personal growth)
  • Allow me to push them at times and comfort them in others
  • Teach me grace, gratitude and humility
  • Allow me to give back by helping them find their voice and make choices that best serve them (empowerment)

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If you’d like to delve a little further, just ask me or book a Discovery Call to see if working with me works for YOU!

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for allowing me to “put myself out there” with you today!


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