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For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Tracy Veit … and I love helping people learn to help themselves –  mostly by getting out of their own way!

Yep, that’s what I do.  It may not be sexy and it may not be brilliant marketing speak, yet that’s what I do.  In fact, that’s been my thing for many, many years in school, in corporate and now in my coaching practice.  Exactly how I do that is for future blog posts because today it’s time to walk my talk and get out of my own way. 

I learned long ago that our strengths can actually derail us, or take us off track if over-used.  In my case, I LOVE connecting with and supporting others along their life journey.  The risk of over-giving however, is that it becomes easy to put my own needs on the back burner.  When I lose track of how I’m scheduling my time and using my energy, I can count on my body to send me a signal … I start feeling run down, become moody or I suddenly crash for a few days when it finally yells “stop!!”.

I’ve been much more diligent over the past couple of years in terms of scheduling sacred “self-care” time, yet I have remained a master procrastinator in terms of getting other stuff done… like building my business in the “online” world.  I’ve been hiding, as those of you on my mailing list will notice :).

Although I love talking to people one on one and sharing what I do, and I’ve received some excellent referrals, I have expertly avoided doing the same online with a much larger, global community.  I’ve been waiting for the perfect thing to say or post … waiting for the perfect challenge to offer my peeps … waiting for the perfect recording to share with the world.  And guess what?  There is no perfect time to start, or to take that next step.

So if I know that and you know that, why do we do what we do when we know what we know?

It all comes down to fear … of being judged, of being ignored, of failure, of saying something wrong, of not being profound enough, of not being like “somebody else”, and the list goes on.

Well, I’ve recently learned something else about fear.  There’s fear and there’s life and death fear.

Three weeks ago my youngest son had a health crisis and honestly we could have lost him.  There is no fear like seeing your loved one on life support and wondering minute to minute just what is happening, or what could happen.  As my training kicked in I made a point of clarifying 1) the facts – what we knew to be true, 2) what we had to do for Bryan, the doctors and ourselves in those moments and 3) what we had to trust the medical team to do on his behalf.  I could not afford to play the dreaded “what if” game in my head OR let anyone else get down that road.  We had to be present.  As I am divorced from Bryan’s father, we had two families pull together in an amazing way.  We all have different strengths and we all put them to use while we supported Bryan, each other and the medical staff at two hospitals.

We are on the other side of this crisis now and as you can imagine, breathing a collective sigh of relief and thanks that Bryan is well and recovering nicely.  We all have our own internal pieces to pick up and restore as we move forward. For me, my adrenaline push left me with few reserves once Bryan was home and safe.  I literally crashed and know myself well enough to know I needed sleep, quiet time, the love of my family and my best friends (near and far), more sleep, my Massage Therapist and time.  Time to heal and regroup. Time to process what we’d been through and how I will move forward in a healthy, supportive way for Bryan and for me.

Why am I sharing this?  Because facing the fear of losing my son made me realize that no other fear I have ever experienced will match that.  If I can find the strength, courage and resolve to focus on the facts, remain in the present moment and move through each day of that unknown, how can I possibly be afraid to share my thoughts, experiences and insights about how we can help ourselves in life and business in a simple blog post? How can I be afraid to become visible, so that those who need me can actually find me? How can I be afraid to get out of my own way, when helping others do the same is what I do best?

This is a beginning again for me and I refuse to let my fears get in the way of moving forward and beyond my comfort zone.  After all, my fears are not life and death fears.   I might even post a video or two one day soon (EEK!) … what’s the worst that can happen?  (I provide you with a little laugh!)[/fusion_text][tagline_box backgroundcolor=”” shadow=”no” shadowopacity=”0.7″ border=”1px” bordercolor=”” highlightposition=”top” content_alignment=”center” link=”” linktarget=”_self” modal=”” button_size=”” button_shape=”” button_type=”” buttoncolor=”” button=”” title=”Over to YOU” description=”What is the worst fear you have faced in your lifetime?
Recall how that felt right through to your core….
What are you resisting in your life or business today?
How does it compare to your worst fear?
Based on that, what next step will you take to move through that resistance today?
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4 Replies to “There’s fear and there’s life and death fear.”

  1. Great Article Tracy:
    Brushes with death; your own or a loved one challenge our assumptions about life and galvanize us into action – or paralyze us with fear and indecision.
    Regarding procrastination and “lesser fears”, I think a lot of this is shame based. We fear that if we don’t perform well we will be ridiculed and made to feel ashamed. For this of us with unpleasant memories, this fear can translate into procrastination because by avoiding action, we can trick ourselves into thinking we are avoiding failure. Of course inaction is equally likely to get us into trouble; but emotional logic doesn’t work that way.

    1. Emotional logic … I like that Randall. That would be why is it more challenging to apply what we teach others when we are in our emotional “stuff”.

  2. Reading your post reminded me of when I was 17 standing at the funeral of my grandmother….I knew even then at a young age that if I could overcome this horrible loss, that I could overcome anything in life. Most things we can go back and do it again, or say what wasn’t said, but death is final, there is no second chance, we must accept and try and move on….unfortunately I have been reminded of that a few times since I was 17, so therefore my biggest fear is death, or grieving, it is so painful. Other things may seem bad but in comparison they are not….. Thank you for sharing and the reminder….😊

    1. Thanks for your response Lisa. The fear of death, pain and all that comes with grief is very common. The reality is death is inevitable, and fully experiencing the gift of living will hopefully keep us focused on what’s happening now.

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