I am sitting in my hotel room the morning after a 2-day event called RadFest Live in New York City.  I would have been in a cab, but my flight was delayed 2 hours giving me a wonderful opportunity to reflect.

RadFest Live was hosted by a woman who is deeply passionate about helping women around the world drop their masks to live, laugh, learn and dive deep in to self discovery so they can create and really enjoy the life and business they want. She is creating a movement.

I went to this event with a goal to truly drop my masks (!) and not only learn, but “let loose” and let the real me out.  After all, I was going to be surrounded by women from around the world who (all but 3) had no idea who I even was.  Therefore, they had no expectations, right? Knowing we were going to have a dance class with the fabulous Mia Michaels, I even told a friend to “watch out” as I might even come back ready to dance on the tables.

Did I accomplish my goal? Yes and no.

Yes, I let the real me out.  And the real me is not that different than what I came in with.  Perhaps with a little more understanding and less “expectations” around what it means to be me.

I love people and hearing their stories shared in the most honest, raw way possible.  I have  a gift of holding a safe space for them to share their stories … their joys and their fears, their secrets and their news, their pain and their path to recovery. I did much of this over the past couple of days.

I see, feel deeply and appreciate the gifts that others have and am so honoured to shine a light on what I see in them.  So often we don’t see the light inside us, or believe it’s even there.  This sharing is often accompanied by tears of joy when I see the surprise in their eyes.  I did much of this over the past couple of days.

I love to people watch – I’ve always preferred to be in the background … don’t get me wrong.  I’m not missing out.  I’m in my happy place, truly feeling all the energy, having many of my own ah-ha moments, learning from and admiring those brave enough to step up on stage and share their story. When I am drawn to a person, I seek them out and get to know them.  I did much of this over the past couple of days.

I wanted to and did get out of my comfort zone. I did much of this.  

As one who is more comfortable holding space for others, I allowed others to hold a sacred space for me.  I allowed myself to be raw and real, to let both tears and laughter flow, to share stories from my past that I haven’t ever shared before … with complete strangers who did not feel like strangers in those moments where we shared deeply.  I thank everyone who held the space for me to share me and receive their presence, love and understanding.

I danced!!!  We had a 90-min dance class with Mia Michaels!!!!  I’m not typically a dancer and my excuse has been a lack of wine first.  I learned however that dance is just movement and an expression of what we are feeling.  I allowed myself to actively participate, albeit with a large shake of self consciousness, but I did it.  I danced for over an hour.  With Mia Michaels! (Can you tell this was a highlight??).  AND the sky didn’t t fall in! For me, it was a mix of grace and clumsiness, laughter and focus, steps that were nailed and plenty of missteps… kinda like life, right?  I loved every minute of it.

I did NOT dance on tables. 

I did NOT shout from the rooftops.

I did NOT race up to the stage. 

I did NOT “change” who I am.

You see, for some reason, I kept believing there was an inner rebel that was just itching to come out.  To be front and center, to be loud and proud, to be noticed.  And guess what?  That is NOT who I am.  There is no inner rebel who needs to let out to be to be successful in MY life or business.  There’s just me and …

I AM  ENOUGH. Just the way I am.  This is what makes me, ME.

I have a quiet confidence – I don’t need to be the center of attention to feel smart, intelligent or worthy.

I love harmony – growing up in a musical family, I learned to appreciate (almost) all genres of music.  It’s the harmony lines, the undertones and overtones that bring a piece of music “alive” for me.  I deliberately chose French Horn as my high school instrument so I could be in the heart of the rich tones that when connected with the lead instruments created harmony. Something that truly stirs my soul.

I have the gift of empathy – I embrace real connections with people of all ages and stages in life.   When I am truly connected with you, I feel what you feel as if I’m “in it” with you.  I share your laughter and your tears and those moments that take your breath away.

I have the capacity to manage conflict by seeking to understand the perspective of others – attempting to see and feel the world through their lens. If I can share a different perspective in a way that helps others understand, we can move forward with reduced stress and anxiety while honouring our differences.  I use to think I “avoided” conflict and that is something very different.

I am a gifted listener who is wiling and able to hold a sacred space for you to be heard without judgement, to be understood and to be supported in your journey.

I connect with men and women.  Across all generations.  Who are seeking to be heard, valued, understood and honoured.  Many who are trying to “fit in” to a mold that others have assigned for them.  People who are feeling the pressure to say, do and believe in something that is not/or no longer true for them. Those who need to say their truth out loud to someone so it is no longer screaming in their head. I connect with men and women who are ready to honour themselves in order to create peace and harmony in their lives.  

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My imperfections are a vital part of this perfect journey called MY life.

What are you attempting to change because you believe you’re not enough? Ask yourself why.

What expectations do you have of others because YOU believe they are not enough? Ask yourself why (and then look in the mirror)

What steps will you take to believe and acknowledge that you are enough … just the way you are?


6 Replies to “I AM ENOUGH!”

  1. I love this Tracy!! I love that it was a reaffirming for you instead of the transformation you were expecting – something that can be just as powerful. So much of what you’ve written resonates with me, being able to “feel it” with someone, preferring to observe rather than be centre stage and being able to see other perspectives. I’ve never really known how to bring those things into the work I do in a conscious way but Rad Fest certainly opened my eyes and heart to the power of holding a sacred space for others and connection on that kind of deep level. So much left to unpack and integrate from that event!! But you are most definitely right, you are enough exactly as you are!!

    1. Thank you, Jess! I sense we are very similar in so many ways AND we both have so much to give in service of others. I use to think in order to “shine” I had to be the biggest and brightest, when in fact, I’ve always known everyone has their own sparkle and must be allowed to let is shine. There are many people out there looking for “your” particular sparkle … it’s time to let them find you! xx

  2. Oh I love this Tracy, I love that you were able to reaffirm who you are, what you love and the gifts that you have and that you are “enough”. I was a recipient of you holding that very important space for me and I totally value the time we spent together. I know I can learn much from you. I love the calmness that both you and Jess exude and I would love some of that myself. I am still very much processing Radfest and there is much that I have taken away from that very special event. The main thing for me was the love and acceptance that I received from all those very special women. I felt held, listened to and respected. Coming back has definitely not been easy and I find my emotions all over the place, I have deeply realized that I no longer want to do real estate but at the same time have no idea how I will support myself or what the purpose of all this growth and change means for me. I am impatient and want answers now but feel this is a time I must just sit with myself and wait to be guided to my next step. Thanks for sharing your experience at Radfest I enjoyed reading it and I immensely enjoyed meeting you

    1. Thank you so much Sally … it really means a lot. It was such an honour to meet you and be able to spend precious time together sharing our stories. You have been through so much change this past year … allow it to soak in and cherish the “space” you have to feel all that comes from it. I look forward to staying connected with you and watching you continue to flourish!!

    1. Thanks so much! I hope it helps even a few people to believe in themselves now. No time to lose!

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