Who Is Tracy?

Approachable, kind, compassionate and a good listener – these are all traits that allowed me, a formerly shy teenager to build a successful corporate career with a fortune 500 company. While juggling the journey of my career through positions in Sales and Marketing, Management and Leadership Development, I balanced and supported my children and family through commitments to school, sports, and musical activities. And then, at the end of my 23-year relationship, divorce.  Life hasn’t always made it easy, but its experiences have provided me with the platform to grow stronger and overcome adversity.


Years later, I was introduced to a business opportunity that allowed me to start and grow my own business, gain valuable training skills and maintain my corporate career. This new opportunity continued to open new doors, expand my horizons, and eventually allowed me the opportunity to realize I was ready (and scared!) to extend my skills, life experiences and natural disposition to follow my heart and help others through personal coaching. I immersed myself in a year long  coaching certification program, worked with coaches (business & life) and connected with a global community of like-minded souls who share a goal of supporting others to create and achieve the life they want.


Yes, I’ve lived the life of busy Mom, climbed the corporate ladder, loved and learned to love again. I understand the challenges that life throws us and have an arsenal of tools on how to keep it from getting you down. I get how guilt can put you on the back burner until you’re so far back you’ve lost sight of who you are. (Been there.  Done that.)


Life, Lavender and Bees

Life … It’s never too late to stop living your life according to the demands and desires of others

We play many roles in life and they evolve as we evolve.  Similarly with relationships, some last a lifetime, others last a short time.   All of our roles and relationships place demands on us and there comes a time to say enough.  Some are healthy, others are toxic and all may have long lasting effects on our individual sense of self.  Life is where we bump into obstacles and either work around them or give up, because some of those obstacles are truly insurmountable at a particular moment in time.  Life is where we seek connection, camaraderie and compassion. Life is where we seek to be loved, valued and respected. and they all teach us something about life and about ourselves.

You only get one glorious life to I’ve and I believe it’s never too late to reconnect, recreate and recenter yourself.


Recently, I’ve has been more vocal supporting women who have experienced trauma in their life.  This became important as I relived my own childhood trauma while attending the trial of the man who sexually assaulted me and many of his female, pre-pubescent violin students. I’ve accelerated my own healing and gained important insight into the impact trauma of any sort has on our emotional and physiological state of being. Importantly on our ability to feel like we are enough and we belong … anywhere.

Lavender … throughout the years dealing with the trial, I really had to find ways to quiet my mind and my emotions.  I am a master at deep breathing now, and this is what the Lavender part of my world is all about.  Self care.  Peaceful strategies. Resting to recharge. Learning to love myself. This was not only critical to my wellbeing through these three years, but is critical to my overall wellbeing and I believe yours too. Lavender represents calm to me.  What is that a for you?

Bees … While we can get very wrapped up in the ups and downs of life, it’s easy to stay focused inward.  And that’s OK for a while … I’ve found it becomes important to get out of my own head and focus on something outward.  Something that helps me put my life into perspective relative to a world that is bigger than me. For me, beekeeping became that something new in 2017.  Our bees bring me joy, a sense of wonder, and a sweet feeling of peace around the familiar buzz and activity around all nine hives!  I found a new way to become one with nature and it feels good having a positive impact on our local environment.

I’ve since started expanding my education in other areas as well … anti-racism and my own white privilege;  understanding Trauma and it’s hold on the body; rare diseases – specifically seeking to understand narcolepsy.  Learning not only expands my horizons, it enhances brain health and development and I’m all for that!


Why Private  Coaching?

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~ Maya Angelou

Personal, one-on-one connections are my favourite which is why I offer 1:1 Coaching sessions only.  While there is much to be learned from others in group or small group coaching, there are plenty of natural distractions and many participants use those forums to hide.  They stay in listen-only mode and allow fear hold them back from sharing… to avoid embarrassment or shame.  To keep their stories inside, slowly festering.

I’ve been the “go-to” person for others with their issues for years (since childhood!) and only really understood the impact of being heard when I hired my first coach = she created a safe space for me to share my innermost fears and experiences. At last, I didn’t have to be “perfect” with her, as I thought I did in the real world. With years of practice and overcoming many of my own insecurities, I am much less worried about appearing “perfect” with anyone now.

As your personal coach – or compassionate guide – I create a safe and supportive space to explore unspoken stories so you can reclaim your voice.  Because your story matters and you deserve to be heard with grace and empathy so you can find your way forward.

I’m here to help you create your own version of Life, Lavender and Bees.

Interested in connecting? I’m Listening










From the comfort of my private office in my home, I am here for you.